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The same restaurant

Фудтрак «Без адреса»
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Logo and corporate identity

Join in for a new gastronomic phenomenon for Russia eat&go and make it cool-the goal of the new gourmet food truck. Create a restaurant on wheels, in which residents and guests of the city will not eat hell-understand-what-Burger, and a dish created at the level of restaurant cuisine.

So, with the chef-delicious and decent food, and with us — a memorable concept. The global goal is to conquer the hearts and stomachs of impressionable tourists and Hedonists of Northern Venice.

Here and there

At its core, gourmet food truck is the same restaurant. Guests come here for a new gastronomic experience and impressions. This is the same restaurant, but without reference to a specific place, and therefore — without an address. This feature we have taken as a basis of brandname and created the concept of «no address». The definition of «the same restaurant «points to the competitive advantage of restaurant cuisine over junk food.

Traveling around the city, food truck «without address» turns every street and alley into a place for delicious food. And now the streets of the city are remembered not by the names, but by what dish you ate, passing through them. The city is changing, and you catch yourself on the fact that from the most delicious square to the Filling station you get either through the Falafel passage or through the street wok.

St. Foodsburg

The names of streets, alleys and squares one after another formed an alternative map of St. Petersburg, taken by us as the basis for the design of the food truck. Map drew by hand and the Northern capital became a Food capital: the Neva river became the river Smelt did the waterfront salmon Holy and Innocent bridge.

On pasting the track took 33 meters of film and 2 days of work without sleep and rest.

Conceived — done

The concept of «no address» is developing in the design of food packaging — kraft paper emphasizes the naturalness of the product, and any packaging becomes branded with the help of branded stickers.


Художественный руководитель
Nick Yutkin
Арт-директор и дизайнер
Alex Pushkov
Vasily Bailo
Мастер автовинила
Кирилл Сивель
Max Fedorov
Кристина Фатина
Руководитель проекта
Яна Высоцкая