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Bank of Saint Petersburg is in the top 5 best retail banks in Russia. According to Kommersant, the Bank is also included in the top 200 of the most dynamically developing Russian companies. In an effort to find new resources for external and internal growth, Bank of Saint Petersburg appealed to ENDY for the development of HR-brand and set us 2 tasks.


The Bank’s goal is to bring its value proposition (EVP) to current and future employees. To do this, we need to formulate an EVP slogan and create an image and explain why it is better to work in Bank of Saint Petersburg than in any other Bank.

To understand what and how to interest employees, we analyzed the EVP of competing banks and conducted studies in which employees, job seekers and former employees of the Bank assessed the impact of various factors on their desire to work in the company. As a result, we have identified the priorities of the target audience: to solve interesting problems, to develop within the company, to implement their ideas in practice and to receive recognition for their services.

Given the basic insights of the target audience, we have formulated a slogan that reflects the nature of the company, which develops the creative potential of employees, adequately assessing the work of each. Meet Bank of Saint Petersburg — inspires the development.

Visual concept

In each conference room of any office of the Bank has a flipchart and markers. These subjects are used by staff during meetings and brainstorming sessions to find, structure, and discuss ideas. We looked at the flip chart from an unusual angle. Using a marker and other office attributes, we have shown that there is much more hidden behind the usual things than people think, and that one can and should approach one’s duties creatively. The Central plot of our proposed communication is augmented reality.

Thanks to creativity, reality is transformed: an ordinary monitor turns into an airplane dashboard, and an office chair accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour.

Visualization and slogans for the «culture of recognition»

«Culture of recognition» is an internal motivational project for employees of Bank of Saint Petersburg. Its essence is to develop and improve the competence of employees, to strengthen horizontal ties in the team, to adequately assess the merits of each employee, to raise management personnel and to broadcast a unified philosophy of communication within the Bank. We need to uncover the principles of a «culture of recognition» through graphic and verbal tools.

We reveal the meaning of each individual program, using a simple idea that the personal success of one employee is the common pride of the whole company:

Say «thank you» — philosophy of communication within the Bank;

Top of mind — strategic skills development for management;

Personnel asset — individual development and training for the best;

Personnel reserve — «best of the best», future management;

Nest-joint project work of top and middle managers;

Gift Bank is a bonus program for sales managers.

Slogans and visual identifiers clearly show the meaning of each program within the «Culture of recognition». There are additional illustrations and the preservation of identity for new programs — the next name easily fits into the accepted frame-template. Each logo develops into a full corporate identity.


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