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DIGITALE is annual conference on marketing. Crisis perspective on product development and strategy, communications and sales, a heated debate between Mann and Balakhanin and more. Our task was to create a new style of the conference, which gained momentum, became the most visited marketing event in Russia and decided to reach a modern, relevant level of perception.

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Right impulse

Modern marketing is a constant competition, a race of trends, economic crises. How to «survive» in these difficult times? How not to «go out» and stay afloat? The answer is obvious — to be loaded. New, relevant, practical knowledge. And DIGITALE — the same charge that helps to cheer up and move on.

logo idea, идея логотипа

Recharge your marketing knowledge

The logo of the conference is a battery, a source of energy and movement. On the example of social networks, we observe how the battery is charged as the conference is ready. By the beginning of the event, the level of accumulated energy reaches a maximum-the «charging» of those present begins. And so from year to year, from conference to conference. In other words, DIGITALE is an eternal source of marketing knowledge.

digitale логотип

Speakers that charge

So, who is the main «guide»? Of course, the speakers are experienced, knowledgeable and charging, in the truest sense of the word.

Energy field

We passed energy through all areas of the event — from business cards to navigation and accessories.

Pure energy

Study, study and study again. And then? Next DIGITALE PARTY — the quintessence of clean energy: show program, exhibitions, art installations, as well as new and useful acquaintances.


Художественный руководитель
Nick Yutkin
Alex Pushkov
Иван Пивоваров
Павел Мартынов