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Two years ago, we came up with the name and developed a corporate identity for the delivery service of the finished food DOSTOEVSKY. In support of the energetic image of the company, we created a stylish brand character-a bearded man in fashionable glasses on a skateboard. Then the project was largely an experiment that was a success and liked the residents of St. Petersburg.

Today the company operates in two cities — St. Petersburg and Moscow and processes thousands of orders per day. The big brand has reached the level of big decisions and returned to ENDY for the development of the platform, verbal and visual identification.

Onward and forward

The brand platform is based on the research of the catering market of St. Petersburg, Moscow and Russia as a whole. For two months we went with Dostaevsky’s couriers, interviewed customers and employees of The company, learned all about the service and product. Weekly organized test purchases and conducted an anonymous test service and products. These data gave us an understanding of consumer insights, formed the basis of a new brand concept, transformed into a strong product positioning.

The global idea of the new brand Dostaevsky is a friendly service of delivery of delicious food and pleasure for the good mood of the residents of the big city. This is a rethinking of the whole category of food delivery, where the creation of occasions and the delivery of emotions comes to the first place. Dostaevsky is always ready to please a large company, stir up a quiet family evening and make a romantic date more interesting.

Dostaevsky’s brand-character is a reinterpreted face of the brand and the center of the corporate identity system. Cool and funny, he is always on the rush. Delivers food, joy, joy of the. This is the character and image of the brand in action. It is used not only as a talisman, but also as an independent and necessary graphic unit. He lives and develops with the brand. Our brand character appears in an innumerable variety of images, but always in a winning light-with delicious food or as a colorful merry fellow.

The new brand-line adjusts to a cheerful mood and warms up the expectation of delivery. And to make the slogan and headlines more dynamic, we picked up an interesting combination of different fonts.


Corporate identity is sharpened under the main tool of brand communication — packaging. It is in contact with the consumer on two levels — rational and emotional. Design and image messages are combined with the basic elements — the composition of the dish, information about the quality control system and the requisite unit. The brand character is always different depending on the packaging and consumption situation.

Advertising communication has also changed. We have divided the commodity and the image direction. Now the image advertising campaign is fun involving messages and photos, while the product takes the Central place in the product campaign.

Packaging for packaging

All points of contact with the customer for the delivery service are of paramount importance. So now you get the order in incendiary and convenient paper bags. And new clothes of couriers are stylish caps, Polo shirts and bomber jackets. It is made like the shape of a sports team — Dostaevsky’s team. Couriers also a form of nice and comfortable to wear throughout the day and even night.

The ideal party in the style of Dostaevsky is a big and friendly company at home or at an event (which the brand is famous for), where everyone is sure to find food and drinks to taste. And to make communication even more interesting, we have developed a line of souvenirs that you can share, use, and decorate the space around. After all, there should be a lot of fun.

Sound design: Daruma Audio
Title tune: Breakdown Brass — Mary Jane


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