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Logo and corporate identity

IMPORTHOME is a distributor of luxury furniture and home accessories from the world’s leading design brands: Eichholtz, Ashley, John Richard, Bernhardt, Sam Moore, Hudson Valley. The collections in the showrooms are inspired by travel, the greatest museums, art and luxury. They create an atmosphere in the best restaurants, hotels and establishments around the world.

At ENDY we have created a design that will emphasize and reveal the status and history of the company, its exclusive service and products that dictate fashion in the interior design industry.

Life is Okay

The concept of corporate identity was based on the images of the flower of life, the wind rose and the trade route. In the logo everything is put together, symbolizing the landmark of life, space and time. The geometry of the flower is perfect, it can be found in many creative spheres of life — music, sculpture, architecture, painting and design.


The flower forms a perfect geometric pattern, the structure of which allows to develop a corporate identity in many directions — from printing to decoration. And adjacent areas of flowers are closed in a smooth line, which symbolizes the passage of time and the path that overcomes furniture from different parts of the world to be in your home.

Nothing extra, just style

Corporate documentation is designed in the spirit of the brand-restrained and elegant. Nothing extra, more air due to the white color and light black and gold accents.

Souvenir production

IMPORTHOME souvenirs are nice to take with you, hold and bring home. They are made of high quality materials and correspond to the high quality of the products represented by the brand.

Interior solution

Corporate identity becomes part of the interior — the leitmotif of the brand in any space. Premium and lightweight, it is perfectly combined with exclusive furniture, expensive printing and insertion elements.

Life rules

All the rules, system and elements of the corporate identity are described in a detailed guideline that will help to bend the visual line of the brand, wherever it is presented.


Alex Pushkov
Марина Захаркина
Руководитель проекта
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