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From 5 to 9 June in St. Petersburg hosted the second international festival Gourmet Days. The festival was attended by 18 Russian and foreign chefs who performed at the venues of five restaurant groups and fed more than two thousand guests.

The mission of the festival is to tell the world that St. Petersburg is not only architectural monuments, white nights, excursions along rivers and canals, but also an original, interesting gastronomic market.

ENDY was a creative partner of the festival. We created a design that united cultural and culinary St. Petersburg, leading restaurant venues and chefs from Asia, America, Europe and Russia.

The idea of corporate identity is a diary of the festival, made in the technique of scrapbooking. In it are collected the most striking woody-experience: receipts from restaurants, food photos, and stylized drawings on napkins tourist symbols of St. Petersburg. Every cook is an innovator. Therefore, the key element of the style was also crossed-out inscriptions corrected «by hand» — a symbol of the fact that each chef rewrites the culinary history of the city in his own way.

You could admire the corporate graphics of the festival both on city media and at events. Everything was designed in the same style-posters, schedules, information desks, business cards and, of course, gastronomic libretto. And in social networks, the corporate identity system has opened up space for unexpected combinations in both photo and video formats.

Festival atmosphere

One of the tasks of design and media is to become your own on each site, to fit organically into all the institutions of such different restaurant groups. Do not pull the blanket attention to yourself, but always stay in sight, telling guests all the necessary information.

The most important thing is in the details. It is the system of carefully thought-out and unobtrusive design accents that creates the very festival atmosphere, when guests understand that they are at an international class event.

Who’s the boss?

Chef’s jacket is like a athlete’s t-shirt in the championship. The thing that I want to exchange, donate or keep the memory. Laconic white tunic with the symbols of the festival turned the chefs speaking different languages into a close-knit team playing for the team of gastronomic St. Petersburg.

Kings of the party

Each Gourmet Days event is a gastronomic party with exquisite music and drinks, as well as its own program and rituals. We have provided all these features and created a line of Souvenirs, which made each event even brighter and richer. So, the guests took with them branded balls and certificates, shared branded photos in social networks, and the chefs signed exclusive certificates, which stood in line with other memorable achievements of the festival.


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