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Logo and corporate style guide, design of polygraphy, souvenir products

Graduate school of management St. Petersburg state University is a business school № 1 in Russia and Eastern Europe and a leading centre for scientific research in the field of management.

In 2017, GSOM began preparing for accreditation with AACSB-the Association for the development of University business schools (Tampa, Florida). This standard assumes that the School should have its own strong brand. An additional impetus for the changes was the updated mission:

GSOM SPBU is a Russian business school with a global vision that brings together professionals, ideas and organizations to create and disseminate managerial knowledge for the purpose of constructive changes in the economy and society.

The school has reached a new level of development, so it was necessary to rethink the identity and make it in the spirit of the time. We had a difficult task-to modernize the corporate identity, while preserving the traditional, because it is an important part of the great history of both the School and St. Petersburg state University.

Tradition and innovation

The GSOM logo is an image of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and discoveries. It is also the Central symbol of the coat of arms of St. Petersburg state University, which was developed by the Chairman of the Guild of heraldic artists of Russia in 1991. It is based on the symbols of the Russian Academy of Sciences, established by decree of Anna Ivanovna in 1735.

The logo was unnecessarily decorated where it is not required, and not enough worked out where it is necessary. The frame looked too pompous and drew attention from the faded figure of the goddess. In addition, due to the numerous small details, it was almost impossible to transfer the logo to small format media.

We studied the image of Minerva, depicted in various works of art, and realized that the goddess on the logo lacks confidence, determination, dynamism, courage and victorious fire. We turned the figure to the right side and put the legs in a more dynamic position to emphasize the forward movement. Gave her confidence, raising his head up, and the shield was made in the form of the coat of arms of St. Petersburg. Now the goddess looks more courageous and resolute, and her look is directed to the future, after all Minerva, first of all, the strategist.

Serious approach

All business products of GSOM are based on a contrasting combination of red and white colors, which creates a serious and noble look. We made the shade of red brighter to make the UNIVERSITY look younger, more modern and more visible.

For each direction and stage of training selected colors and symbols. We refreshed the previous palette and made it more harmonious.

Internationalization and quality

Developing a line of Souvenirs, we were guided by the experience of Western universities. Students of the oldest educational institutions with pleasure go in hoodies, drink from mugs and write in diaries with symbols of the native University. The University is no exception.

Students from different countries are proud to study at the GSOM, so we have created stylish attributes that doubly want to use both Russian students and visitors. All inscriptions are made in English.


All the rules and features of the use of corporate identity, we set out in the guidebook, through which the GSOM will always be recognizable both in Russia and abroad.


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Артём Бакалов
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