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Государственный университет аэрокосмического приборостроения
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St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation is an international scientific and educational center that determines the appearance of the aviation, instrument-making and space industries of Russia.

The University has been operating since 1941, and its employees are involved in the launch of the first artificial earth satellite, Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space and the launch of the Buran spacecraft. Sue develops and expands, there are new programs and directions. Every year the University accepts 3000 students, and the number of students is 14 000 people.

гуап, suai

For the University it is time for changes, dictated by the need to meet the realities of the market of science and innovation. It should be attractive to a new generation of researchers, and its appearance should correspond to internal changes.

The GUAP (or SUAI) management set ENDY the task to change the approach to the visual communication of the University, to modernize, to choose visual and verbal constants that will become symbols of the ideas and aspirations of the scientific and educational center.

suai logo

The reinterpreted SUAI logo is a four-pointed star formed by two cross circles. Smooth elements and unfinished lines visually emphasize the dynamics, endless process, consistency.

The new slogan of the SUAI refers to three fundamental principles — the development and acquisition of knowledge, the culture of discovery and introduction of new technologies and active internal life of the University.

Creating a corporate identity, we turned to the essence of the University — a multifaceted work that includes hundreds of areas and competencies in the field of expert training of professional staff and the development of advanced technologies at the state and world levels.

new guap logo, new suai logo, логотип гуап
рекламный щит
постер в метро

The concept of a new corporate identity of SUAI — contact areas. Here it is expressed in the interaction of colors, shapes, aesthetics and functionality. It is based on 2 colors-blue and purple, symbolizing the technological and intellectual spheres. At the junction of these currents there is a new color — scarlet — a symbol of discovery and breakthrough.

suai identity, фирменный стиль гуап

Brand identity is continued by independent graphic elements, which give the system a complete and solid look. SUAI icons are close to the style of the logo, are used in communication messages and as signs of the faculty or Institute.

icons, иконки
плакат, постер, афиша, гуап афиша

Educational buildings of SUAI are 7 complex objects with intricate infrastructure, the main of which are located in the old buildings of the former officer corps and the Palace of Catherine the great.

For each of them we have re-created the navigation system. In addition to signs and signs, stairwells and pedestrian areas are now equipped with advanced navigation — floor plans with classrooms and administrative offices.

schedule, расписание, схема, инфографика
навигация, navigation

Trajectory of change

For the presentation activities of the University were developed special elements of corporate identity-the trajectory and direction. Together with the logo, they become a style-forming element in the space of interiors and exhibitions, on the sides of cars and even on the facades.

bus, автобус, корпоративный автомобиль
выставочный стенд, exhibition stand

In addition, we have developed a line of attractive souvenirs that you want to own and use.

gifts,сувенирная продукция, сувениры

New style brand SUAI — no graphics with individual elements and sets of colors. This is a new system designed for the nature and objectives of the University. Its potential is huge, it organically falls on any known media and each time copes with its task.


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