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ITALY GROUP — modern Italian restaurants, Belgian gastronomic pubs, trendy bistros and just nice city places. Founded in 2010, the group ITALY today is 13 restaurants, thousands of visitors and perhaps the first place in the city for the authenticity of Italian cuisine.

Visitors restaurants — an ambitious urban residents who value originality, hungry for development, discovery, expanding the geographical and social boundaries.

The problem faced in ITALY GROUP — the guests did not always know that they rest in the restaurant of this restaurant group, because they differ from each other in style and direction of cooking. There was a task to push people, to tell them that ITALY GROUP is not one, not two, but thirteen independent, but United in one group of institutions.

ITALY GROUP appealed to ANDY for the creation of a brand platform and the development of positioning, corporate identity of the group and the tone of communication to unite restaurants, to show character and to identify belonging to the restaurant group ITALY.

В поисках вкусной жизни

If you look and taste (what is important) the restaurants of ITALY GROUP, it becomes clear that together they send visitors on a long and interesting gastronomic journey and represent the best in Italian and world cuisine.

A variety of styles, kitchens and interiors solves the problem of «how to choose a new place that I just like?». After all, the restaurants of the group are proven places and a sign of quality. Their main feature is unity. Each institution ITALY GROUP can be equally good to relax, taste fine food and drink from around the world. So we opened the concept of «taste Navigator».

In the concept of «taste navigator» ITALY GROUP — a delicious landmark in the world of restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros. These are places of St. Petersburg with a friendly character, where the passion for food is the main rule, caring for guests is the basis of service, and the kitchen occupies a Central place in every concept.

The basis of the logo is continuity. We kept the key and recognizable element — the letter «i» and gave it a new visual embodiment.

Bright and concise, the logo indicates belonging to the restaurant group. Active and friendly, he distinguishes the institution among the like and, if necessary, informs visitors of image information. But, most importantly, it does not invade the personal space of restaurants, preserving their identity and character.

italy identity, italy group, italy style

Designer supervision

To make the restaurants of the group visible to the citizens, we have made the logo-a landmark even more noticeable. We invented and together with the engineers assembled a unique light structure, controlled all stages of production, so that the main navigation element turned out exactly as it was intended.

Harmony inside and outside

Look for «taste navigator» on the facade of institutions, it will indicate the right direction of your gastronomic journey.


Аналитика и стратегия
Nick Yutkin
Арт-директор и дизайнер
Alex Pushkov
Vasily Bailo
Антон Чижёнок
Max Fedorov
Никита Кумачёв
Светлана Дьякова