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St. Petersburg University of information technologies, mechanics and optics (ITMO) is a higher education institution where the most daring innovative it projects in Russia are created and developed. Students of the University annually win international competitions in programming. In the Russian education market ITMO University is known as the best school for training programmers.

As part of the rebranding, ITMO University needed to change its «appearance»: to prove that in recent years it has seriously changed — now it is the most modern and innovative University in Russia. The former identity was developed in the early 90's and has lost its relevance. We have solved this problem: we have developed a logo, corporate identity and guidelines for its use.

Big change

The corporate identity of ITMO University corresponds to the international level. We have laid the design not today, but tomorrow.

Logo — a stylized image of the Russian Federation in combination with a red dot symbolizing the location of the University — St. Petersburg. When developing the logo, we relied on three stages of development of the University: the transformation of ITMO University into an international educational institution, the formation of a scientific and innovative hub and focus on training specialists specializing in the development of the economy and social sphere in Russia.

Several versions of the logo have been developed: horizontal and vertical variations, in Russian and English.

Integrated approach

The resulting corporate identity covers all areas of University life. We have thought of everything — from the design of business cards and educational materials to outdoor advertising and branded tie.


13 buildings, 6 dormitories, hundreds of classrooms — it is not so difficult to get lost. We have improved the existing navigation system, making information boards practical, concise and, most importantly, functional.


The red dot of the logo is embedded in almost any message and easily transferred to external media-recognizable detail helps to identify the brand. With the help of this graphic element in the messages of ITMO University the key words are highlighted or accents are placed in the text.

Guide to action

All rules, features and recommendations for the use of corporate identity are set out in a special guide. These 120 pages are not just detailed instructions. This is a way of quality control; confidence that after the project all independent actions concerning identity will be performed correctly, in accordance with a single concept.


Арт-директор и дизайнер
Nick Yutkin
Арт-директор и дизайнер
Alex Pushkov
Vasily Bailo
Max Fedorov
Татьяна Иванова