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Distributor of alcoholic beverages — the Nesco company is a longtime friend and partner of the ENDY branding agency. They are recognized professionals in the market of alcoholic beverages in Russia — they know their business, feel the trends, move the industry forward.

Joia project for many years expertly selects the best wine in the regions around the world, establishes deliveries directly from the vineyards and offers the best wines in all price categories in Russia.

JOIA, store interior, wine store, interiors, wine, alcohol

The market is now undergoing changes that are pushing distributors to develop new niches and new directions. Major retailers launch their own trade marks (private labels) and negotiate the supply of alcohol directly with manufacturers around the world.

The Nesco company asked us to create a retail project for Joia from scratch: to study the market, to predict trends, to identify the most relevant niches in the retail trade, to create a recognizable brand, to develop its strategy, name and identity.

JOIA, store interior, wine store, interiors, wine, alcohol, alco shop, salesman

Want to change the world? Start with yourself!

Wine culture in Russia is only gaining momentum. We do not yet have, like the European format, daily wine. Most of those who drink wine, just looking at the drink. We studied the market, collected tons of statistics, arranged a test purchase, communicate with customers in stores and learned a few important things and highlighted a number of problems.

In General, the situation in the wine retail market does not look the best. The least they care about is the consumer. Store space is almost always «not friendly», as a rule — it is a pile of bottles on uncomfortable narrow shelves from floor to ceiling. When we analyzed why it was so, we found out that it was from the excess of goods, often of poor quality. In Russia imported a huge amount of wine and wine drinks from unidentified suppliers. And, to sell this product in large quantities, in retail chains are constantly aggressive promotions.

In addition to this, there is the problem of incompetent and Intrusive staff, which often prevents you from choosing the right wine.

After collecting all this material, we realized that with this approach in Russia will not create a favorable wine culture. And decided to create his own.

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Nothing develops the mind like a journey

Creating a new brand, we have implemented a number of solutions focused on the person and his experience of interaction with the store. At the research stage, we have studied in detail all the barriers of the audience to purchase and eliminated them. In the concept of a new generation of wine stores, we have laid the philosophy of less is more.

We conceptually took a different look at the product and its consumption. We realized that the atmosphere and metaphor associated with wine — about travel and new discoveries. After all, when we decide to drink wine in the evening after work or with friends, or on vacation, we, in fact, discover a new taste, new countries, new ways and situations to drink this wine.

So there was a brand JOIA Wine Store, where not only experts but also fans can easily choose the right wine and complementary products. The brand develops wine culture, educates customers, simplifies the process of choosing a good wine and sends every guest on a wine journey.

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The Joia Wine Store logo is a metaphor for a wine journey that promises an experience of new discoveries. It is inspired by the style and aesthetics of the attributes of the traveler.

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The age of great discoveries

As part of the concept of less is more, we have completely revised the organization of the store space. The hall is divided into two key areas — red and white. That was the beginning of a wine trip, which helps to make the style of map, navigation. To make the space as pleasant and friendly as possible, we had to reinvent the shelves. Here they do not repel buyers, as in other stores, do not make them reach for the top or bow down. Wine is convenient to consider and take, because it is at an angle of 45 degrees at the height at which to take it in hand is most convenient.

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Wine at a glance

For each bottle we have developed a unique label that tells all about this wine. Now you do not need to call a consultant to find out what dish, in what glasses and at what temperature you need to serve wine. Each bottle will tell about it itself. These labels are easy to collect, each of them will allow you to remember the wine and note especially liked.

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Meet on packaging

For each situation and product we have thought out our own packaging. If you decide to take one bottle, it will be packed in a stylish craft bag. If the wine you decide to take something for a snack, you will pack it all in a convenient craft package with handles. For educational sets and wine sets thought out and designed strong boxes with handles made of cardboard. No polyethylene, only a pleasant eco-friendly materials.

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Sets reflect the atmosphere, culture and traditions of the region where the wine is produced. Therefore, for each set we have chosen a specific topic that helps to better understand the taste and mood of wine: classic cinema, national holidays and wine geography.

Tell me who is your friend

Having studied the experience of competitors, the purchasing power of the audience and the data of trade-marketing research, we have designed a loyalty system. It is absolutely transparent from the first to the last step and is aimed, first of all, not at promoting sales, but full involvement in the culture of wine. The privileges of the card holder grow in proportion to how he plunges into the study of wine, tries it and opens a new one. All cardholders regularly receive invitations to tastings, master classes and meetings with famous sommeliers.


The attributes of a wine traveller

In addition to navigation, the store walls are decorated with elements that support the concept of knowledge and travel. We have developed a detailed infographic that tells about the varieties of wine and how, what and what to drink them properly. Also here is an interactive map of the world, where labels marked regions and suppliers, whose wines are presented in the store.


Creating a store in the concept of wine travel, we have done a great journey ourselves. Months of work on the brand were preceded by months of research and experiments. But this is the only way to create a truly worthwhile product and service and, most importantly, a brand that is fully focused on the person and his experience.

In the spaces of the shops JOIA Wine Store all work to ensure that product selection was nicer and easier. We help guests to choose the wines that they will enjoy. We are convinced to understand wine, you need to know wine.

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We teach people to try and learn new wines, to describe and remember them. Our spaces are unique because here theory is inseparable from practice and any new knowledge can be tried and felt.

People quickly liked the new store and now a good half of the Petrograd side buys wine in JOIA Wine Store. The company’s turnover is significantly ahead of the business plan, and the number of preferred buyers has already exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. The company plans to open new stores, expand the segment, study new wines and further rethink the wine culture in Russia.


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