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Naming, logo, corporate identity, printing design, exterior design, packaging, navigation.

«Carousel» is one of the largest retail chains in the Russian market.

In October, the retailer announced the opening of a new hypermarket in St. Petersburg, which became the first in the updated concept store for family purchases for future use.

The format of the new «Carousel» includes a restaurant complex with four zones: a pizzeria, a sushi bar, a confectionery and a restaurant for 250 seats. All dishes in these institutions are prepared from the products of the hypermarket. And the recipe of each of them visitors will be able to learn from the cook to cook at home.

We were tasked to create a sub-brand of catering establishments «Carousels».

Всё в дом

Developing verbal and visual concepts of establishments, we were guided by the strategy of the new hypermarket. Catering establishments should help to save time, effort and money, to please and cheer up after a long shopping.

The corporate style and system of signs created by us is a graphic embodiment of values of a new brand. All the elements and calm colors say that the first place here is the care of home, family and friends, harmony, prosperity and well-being in the family.

The brand name consists of three key elements — the figure of the house, the «smile» and the culinary attribute, which changes in relation to the institution.

Wrap and give two

One of the main features in the concepts of all institutions — the ability to take food takeaway before or after shopping. Therefore, for each institution we have developed a line of convenient and friendly packaging.

Each element of the package is marked with the identity of the place to which it belongs. At least some of the carriers we reflected that the dish is prepared with products from the supermarket.

Space to relax

Laconic corporate identity is embodied in the design and interior space of the premises. They are made so as not to distract guests from rest and eating. For the convenience of customers in front of the restaurant area are organized Parking boxes, where you can leave your cart with food, closing it with a key. Easy navigation makes it easy to find yourself in the space of the hypermarket, and information media tell about promotions, discounts and dishes of the day.

At the end of the work on the corporate identity, we created a guide, in which we described in detail the principles of working with all elements and carriers: from external structures to personnel badges. The guide contains a lot of detailed technical information and regulates all the nuances of work on the schedule and design of interior spaces.


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Nick Yutkin
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Roman Usmanov
Polina Demidova
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Eugene Gran