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Lenmix is an exclusive distributor of premium brands of beverages in Russia: Vittel, Perrier, Acqua Panna, S. Pellegrino, Contrex, zuegg juices and Illy coffee. For 25 years, the company has become a leader in the supply of HoReCa and instilled the taste of the Russian audience to a new quality of water as a product.

Lenmix set us the task of developing a new platform, corporate identity and brand communications to enter the B2C market.

The source of inspiration

In search of a solution, we explored the lifestyle of the people for whom Lenmix works. It became obvious that the brands of the portfolio 100% match their style: dynamic, sports, successful, creative. They help inspire success and achievement.

Lenmix, in turn, acts as an expert in the field of service and product selection, helps to save time and energy in search of inspiration. Based on this, we have formulated a new positioning — an expert company, which successful people trust the choice of inspiring products of premium brands. Sources of inspiration and product became the Central theme of the new brand concept.

Collage it

The next step on the way to inspiration was the interpretation of lifestyle into objects and symbols. And the main method of style — collaging. We collect in one composition elements reflecting inspiration, design, art, music, travel and directly products that are presented in the portfolio of brands. The logo is handwritten to reflect a personal touch. So we combined Lenmix-style product quality, personalization, lifestyle and inspiration.

Our slogan «products to inspire» reflects the essence of the company — products for inspiration.

Integer of set

We have created a dynamic system of corporate identity, which varies depending on the format and remains recognizable even without a logo. We thought over the use of identity on everything — from business cards to packaging products.

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Fine work

To open new customers Lenmix all the details of the selection of products for inspiration, we proposed the concept of the art digest. The magazine, which falls into the hands of customers, tells about interesting events, cultural events and activities to acquaint the audience with the product from all sides.

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