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Комитет по туризму Ленинградской области
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Logo, corporate identity, packaging design, territorial branding

Leningrad region is one of the most picturesque and touristic regions of Russia. Every year about 2 million tourists come here. There are more than 4,700 cultural heritage sites, most of which are protected by UNESCO. If you pull all the rivers of the Leningrad region, they will circle the globe. And the local lakes are the largest in Europe. However, until now there was no single image — a visual code that would unite all natural, historical and cultural advantages.

We were approached by the Committee on tourism of the Leningrad region in order to create an attractive image of the region to increase the tourist flow, promote products of local manufacturers, sports events and cultural and historical heritage.

Creating an identity, we were inspired by the famous visual image of the Leningrad region — a butterfly. This image is entrenched in the area for a long time, because the shape of the region on the map of Russia resemble a butterfly. We opened the symbol in a new way and detailed it, inscribed the characteristic features of the territorial appearance.

The logo is dynamic, only the shape of the butterfly is unchanged. In the stylized and simplified form of the wings are inscribed symbols reflecting the iconic tourism destinations in the area. The graphic motifs of the wings-sectors change depending on the application of the logo in a certain context.

The logo with its variations is transformed into a corporate pattern, which is designed to maintain a recognizable style on products, advertising media and in the landscape of the region and form a positive impression of the tourist destination.

pattern, texture, logo

In communications, the Leningrad region appears in all its glory, demonstrating architectural monuments and natural landscape. The contour of the pattern forms a recognizable frame for these images. It supports the style elements of the logo and is used in the design of promotional products and external communications.

We also offered a number of ideas on working with the products of the Leningrad region, territorial branding and branding of tourist spaces. Logo and pattern are used on advertising media, in branding of farm products, small architectural forms, urban objects, landscape elements.

mockups, corporate goods, identity

Thus, the territorial brand of all-Russian importance was created. The region with an area of 84,500 km² (which is more, for example, than Austria), has found its recognizable face not only on the map, but also in the information space.


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Alex Pushkov
Графический дизайнер
Vasily Bailo
Eugene Gran
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Max Fedorov
Roman Usmanov