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Mediestetic is an international group of clinics and the first clinic of aesthetic medicine in St. Petersburg. For 20 years, doctors of the clinic help patients to maintain youth, beauty and health.

A major brand has faced major challenges. There was no common perception of clinics not only in the international market, but also in the local, Russian. The difference in approaches to communication created a feeling that media Aesthetics in Russia, Georgia and the Czech Republic are different brands. The group of clinics appealed to ENDY for large-scale internal and external changes that will unite and bring into the system everything that is a media Aesthetic today.

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We solved global problems. We had to create a single international brand, make it recognizable in all countries of presence. We have conducted in-depth studies of the Russian, Georgian and Czech markets of aesthetic medicine. We analyzed the target audience, identified consumer motives, insights and needs. Developed platform and positioning.

After research and brand building, we came to understand that the essence of a new brand and the key to everything that makes a Mediestetic is synergy. The merger of many years of experience, unique techniques, technologies and innovations. From the understanding of these constants, a new brand positioning appeared — «a network of international clinics of aesthetic innovations».

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In search of a key metaphor that combines the philosophy of the brand media aesthetics, its values, experience and technology, we have come to the concept of the Golden section. Opened by Euclid and sung by Renaissance scientists-it dictates the basis of the existence of all living things. It is a natural law of aesthetics, a divine proportion.

The logo of Mediestetic is a cup with a serpent coming together as one and crowned with a spiral. Together they form a metaphor for «eternal healing.» Each element is subject to the harmony and rhythm of the Golden section.

In the architecture of the corporate identity are sectors of the Fibonacci spiral, which are connected in the S-shaped line, also called the «line of beauty». The peculiarity lies in the fact that these sectors have the Golden proportion to all other sectors and delicately fold on media of all sizes.

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For communication in printing and outdoor advertising, we have created a universal technology of information. It, as well as elements of corporate identity, is built on a grid of the Golden section. As a result of the combination of two spirals, two semantic centers are formed, in one of which the image is located, and in the other the information block.

Just as a person who transforms internally and externally with the help of aesthetic medicine, the Mediestetic brand has changed from inside to outside. Corporate identity is a reflection of its structural updates: strategy and global vision. It develops together with him and adapts to any task from the design of business cards to interior solutions and advertising communication in different countries and in different languages.


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