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Logo, corporate identity, printing design, packaging design, navigation, exterior design

MOMO — a new cafe format mono-cuisine in the historical centre of St. Petersburg. Its main feature is that there are real dumplings made from farm products. MOMO destroy the myth that the «dumpling» can be either a soviet diner or an expensive restaurant. They prove that dumplings are a normal format of urban food.

MOMO cosmopolitan and make both Russian dumplings and Italian ravioli or Chinese gyoza. Therefore, in the corporate style there is no hint of any national color. The logo conveys the mood of the place: everything is simple, fast and tasty. And, of course, inexpensive. In addition, he focuses on the fact that the emphasis should be put on the first syllable, because the name is laid traditional Nepalese dish.

Thanks to the use of linear graphics menu intuitive — went, saw and bought. It reflects not only the range, but also the size of the dishes.

Zip up

Packing brandished staff with labels that tell about the main features of MOMO.

Come in, open!

Do not forget that MOMO is a city cafe where you can take food and coffee with you. It does not sit at the laptop, but it is nice to come here from the street, eat and relax from the bustle of the city. The laconic design of the sign stands out against the background of numerous screaming facades of Petrogradka, so it attracts attention and invites you to go inside. Depending on the season, the entrance group can be transformed into a summer terrace, referring us to the cozy European cafes.

Graphics for interior decoration

Great style

Printing for business cards is stamped on Kraft paper, all official documentation is made of it.

Better to see once than hear a hundred times

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