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«ZakaZaka» is an aggregator company, a service for the delivery of food from restaurants. The company operates in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Samara, Novosibirsk, Omsk and other major cities of Russia, constantly expanding the list of restaurants and geography.

The company appealed to ENDY for the development of the game name, bright corporate identity and website to compete for the first place in the market of delivery aggregators.


Name determines destiny. The meaning and idea of the name is that the service had a lot of orders. Repeating many times the word «order» (in Russian it sounds like zakaz) as a mantra, we came up with the name «ZakaZaka».

Meet Zakas

The client suggested that we think about the universe with unique inhabitants. The idea we liked and toothed names appeared toothy character. Sweet, kind, loves to eat and knows how to cook. Thus was born the Zaka prototype .


The ZakaZaka service unites almost all restaurants in the city, which have food delivery. The goal of Zaka is to make life easier for people, to get rid of remembering an infinite number of domains, appearances and passwords, so the company invests large budgets in the promotion of one name — ahhh! Hence the slogan was born: «a lot of restaurants, one site.»

ZakaZaka wins the Internet

Ordering food is a fun activity, a game. The website — powerful and easy filter restaurants by geography, cuisine, average check, site visitors instantly are included in the competition set-ups and participate in infinite stock. Learn more about the site creation process


Alex Pushkov
Нина Пушкова
Max Fedorov
Менеджер проекта
Александр Наумов