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Arelan manufactures and supplies wood products to the largest construction networks in Russia and for export. The company’s priorities are product quality and environmentally friendly waste-free production. The whole cycle is closed, and the waste is processed into new raw materials.

We have developed a website that meets the requirements of a modern and technologically advanced manufacturing company that cares about the environment.

New Arelan’s website is pure and functional. The most important thing we put on the main page. Now it’s a few screens on the main sections of the site, each of which can be accessed directly from the video.

Simplicity of choice

Arelan has a large assortment — more than 250 items. The catalog on the site is designed to make it easier to study, reduce the number of clicks and reduce the time to the page of a particular product or material. To do this, on the main page of the catalog separately made a convenient search by name and article, and navigation elements contain direct links to subcategories.

Order in production

Arelan has two high-tech plants in the Leningrad region. In the section «production» you can see photos of plants and get acquainted with equipment suppliers.

On the page «environmental friendliness» — a detailed story about the technologies of environmental conservation and the use of renewable raw materials.


Александр Литвинович
Anna Glushenko
Max Fedorov
Никита Кумачёв
Михаил Зефиров
Главный программист
Евгений Головин
Oleg Grigoriev
Front-end разработчики
Евгений Санжиев
Артём Шкуренко
Руководитель проекта
Артём Алифанов