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Dve Palochki (Two Sticks) is a chain of restaurants that likes to surprise. They expand the menu so that everyone can find what they want. Experimenting with the design of institutions, so that everyone had a favorite Dve Palochki. Now the turn came to the site. For dizzying changes in the Dve Palochki came to us. And since we are at it.

Out of tradition. Out of range.

For 12 years of existence, Dve Palochki have become a global network not only in the number of restaurants, but also on the accumulated information baggage. Now the restaurant of free flight reaches just the same space heights. So cosmic that the new concept of the site conveys all the beauty of flight: from 60,000 feet above sea level to full landing.

The result of tight strategic sessions and negotiations with the client was a structure consisting of 4 main areas covering both the internal life of the network and its social activity.

60 000 feet — let’s go!

The main page will tell you a little about everything. Each guest of the site can connect online to the life of Dve Palochki: learn about promotions, take part in competitions or support the restaurant at food festivals.

30 000 feet — the soil

Now it is even easier to get acquainted with the restaurant menu. Groups of dishes are divided into directions of cuisine. You can pre-assess the strength of your wallet and stomach for the next trip to the restaurant.

Bird’s eye view

Going down. At an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level, you can see the city, where all the restaurants of the network at a glance. Choose a place to meet so that The two Sticks were nearby.

Fun landing

Many people like Dve Palochki for a light democratic atmosphere in the restaurant. We decided to support and develop it within the site. The territory of FUN is the territory of bright ideas: everything from birds on the screens to the toilet theme of steam toilets.

Simply, as times-two

For those who want Dve Palochki here and now, provides built-in geolocation: you will be prompted where the nearest restaurants network. Now you can set up a meeting place twice as fast.

Hello, world

With the new website, Dve Palochki have a blog platform. Here you can follow the flight of the restaurant online: learn the details of the action, funny stories from the life of restaurants and all the most delicious news from the network.

You’re what you eat

You can get to know each dish better: evaluate it externally, find out what is inside it and what others think about it. For those who follow the figure-to know in advance the caloric content, the amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

Leave your mark

Brand labels on t-shirts also did not remain without attention. Now all creative has to offer in «Designer shirts» the idea for the label and get his own t-shirt.

On all screens of the two capitals

The Dve Palochki website adapts to the resolution of any device to which the Internet is available. And you won’t break your eyes. Enjoy the show.

In the previous series

We have developed a website for the delivery of Dve Palochki.


Nick Yutkin
Александр Литвинович
Главный программист
Евгений Головин
Татьяна Майорова
Front-end разработчик
Евгений Санжиев
Павел Мартынов