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ITALY GROUP consists of 17 restaurants, pubs and bistros united by the mission to give a taste of life. Previously, we developed the brand platform, positioning and corporate identity of ITALY GROUP. Now it is time to update the site, which should be the beginning of a gastronomic journey through Italian cooking.

Хорошие новости

Home — the embodiment of ITALY. On it, as in the restaurants of the group, something happens regularly, but the recognizable style remains unchanged. To publish news in real time, we have synchronized the ITALY group Instagram account with the main page of THE site. Now guests «here and now» learn about what is happening in their favorite places.

Вторая версия сайта ITALY GROUP

A guide to ITALY

To make all the institutions of ITALY GROUP in one place, we have combined them in a compact catalog. It is convenient to choose restaurants by name and interior photo, you can also immediately find its location on the map and see the route.

After evaluating the interior and kitchen of one institution, the guest chooses the next must see restaurant from the list.


The page of each restaurant tells what is special in it — from the concept of the interior to the approach to gastronomy. The corporate color of the place is set as the background of the page, which increases the recognition of the place and immerses in its atmosphere. And if you want to move from one restaurant to another virtually or really, at the bottom there is a map of all institutions.


ITALY holds many events: tastings, master classes, watching sports matches. In order not to mix them with notifications about promotions, special offers and changes in the menu, we have provided two filters on the page. The first allows you to choose entertainment by date, the second — by type of event.

All together

To tell the guests more about ITALY GROUP, we have created a section in which we represent the founders, partners and employees. And in the section «Work» you can get acquainted with the team of each restaurant and the ideology of the company, see jobs and photos.


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