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Kitchen factory is a manufacturer of affordable kitchens in St. Petersburg with advanced service and its own production technologies. Today, the Kitchen factory works on a new technology for Russia — the lack of showrooms. This innovation formed the basis of the project — the site is designed with the effect of full immersion, as if you are in your kitchen, and next to you is a seller who tells everything in detail to the smallest detail.

One click to the new kitchen

The main page of the site of the Kitchen factory is a full-fledged showroom. Here the customer instantly learns about kitchens and their configurations, production stages, guarantees and discounts. Each action on the main page is a target. In a few clicks you can call the designer-measurer at home, contact a specialist or order and pay for a fully equipped kitchen of the desired color, size and style.

main page, главная страница


In the catalog everything is in place. Kitchens are grouped by types and parameters. For better visibility comfortable mesh configured. Without going to the kitchen card, you can choose its color, plus always displays current information about the price and discounts — another convenient comparison option.

Shows from the best side

Each kitchen can be viewed from different angles. For example, you can turn off or turn on the backlight, see how the kitchen will look in the afternoon, open all the doors and look inside.

Each page is a landing page

Here you can choose everything: materials, color and texture of the facades of the future kitchen, its layout and size, number and format of sections, choose appliances and lighting — literally create a turnkey kitchen. On the same page the call of the designer-measurer, delivery of kitchen and installation is ordered. You can also order the calculation of prices for individual size and learn the terms of purchase and installments.

What it’s made of

The dynamic slider describes in detail all the components of the kitchen-buildings, facades, countertops, fittings. Advantages of the choice of these or those materials are described.


On the production page clearly shows and describes in detail how, by whom and what made the kitchen. The page takes the client through the whole process and at the end offers to ask the consultant questions. If such, of course, remained.

Adaptive anyway

The site of the Kitchen factory is convenient to look at on all devices — on the desktop, tablets and phones. It keeps full functionality and helps customers to order kitchens wherever they are.

A good site should be a lot

The Kitchen factory values effective solutions and functionality, strives for balance and quality. The site was no exception. Thought out to the smallest detail, simple and clear, it is 100% customer-oriented and is able to solve the problem of any complexity.



Nick Yutkin
Anna Glushenko
Александр Литвинович
Главный программист
Евгений Головин
Сергей Маджаров
Front-end разработчики
Артём Шкуренко
Евгений Санжиев
Никита Кумачёв
Eugene Gran
Артём Алифанов