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Website creation, technical design

Mousson Atelier jewelry company produces and sells unique designer jewelry. To call them simply beautiful is not enough, they are delightful and magnificent.

The task

Our task was to create a website that 100% corresponds to the level of jewelry from Mousson Atelier — bright, expensive, unique, exciting. At the same time, the abundance of graphics should not overload the page, so as not to distract visitors from studying the collections.

The concept

Each piece of Mousson Atelier jewelry is a work of art. Any, even the smallest element of the collection, tells its own story and complements the overall picture. We have taken this principle as a basis in the design of the site.

Not to worry, excite

On the main page we have created a slider with fascinating announcements of new collections, graphics for each of which we have drawn individually.


In the design of the title slides of each collection, we used graphics and backgrounds that reveal the history of the creation of jewelry.

High jewelry art

Among the collections of Mousson Atelier there are several products, which without exaggeration can be attributed to the masterpieces of jewelry. We have dedicated a separate section on the site to these decorations.

Each representative of the collection is a unique piece of jewelry art. Elegant, whimsical natural lines, inviting bright colors … Images of Mousson Atelier creations are born by nature-and, therefore, by life itself. Life is boundless and always unexpected, it is not limited by definition, not to squeeze into a ready answer. This understanding is fully reflected in the collections of Mousson Atelier — a true hymn to nature and life.

Virtual seller

Guide on the site helps you choose a decoration as a gift not only for her, but also for him, on a special occasion or just like that, in a modern or classic style.


In the catalog, all materials, colors and stones are presented in a common custom filter. And if you scroll down the page, you can immerse yourself in the world of colors and design imagination for a long time.

Dynamic background

To enhance the effect of immersion, on the pages of the catalog we made a special dynamic background.


Арт-директор и дизайнер
Nick Yutkin
Max Fedorov
Сергей Киселёв
Александр Литвинович
Главный программист
Евгений Головин
Сергей Маджаров
Татьяна Майорова
Front-end разработчик
Евгений Сафронов
Менеджер проекта
Александр Наумов