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Everything that makes SPORTLIFE, due to changes. After all, the clubs themselves are aimed primarily at ensuring that people improve and develop every day. And to remain a trendsetter of the fitness industry, the club must also change. Constantly. The ENDY team presents a new and the most modern version of the website of the network of fitness clubs SPORTLIFE.

Find me in a club

Each of the 15 clubs on the site is represented by an updated page, where there is absolutely everything. Detailed information, schedule, configuration of the club and description of the club system. You can choose and purchase a membership directly on the club page. For 100% immersion in the atmosphere of each club shot dozens of minutes of video and hundreds of photos.


The most visited page of the site. Displays the schedule of all classes in all clubs at the same time, filters classes by type, complexity, coach, club and day of the week.


Club life

15 years of experience, success stories, workshops, halls and interiors, victories and achievements-everything that SPORTLIFE lives. Now all the most important things are not only told, but also shown. Juicy shots of professional photography and motivational videos speak to visitors of this page in the spirit of SPORTLIFE.

Personal account

The new personal account is no longer just access to user information. This is a full control panel for your club profile. The key innovation-now you can independently replenish the account of your club card and pay for services directly on the website.

личный кабинет, сайт

Content is the king

New version of SPORTLIFE website has become even more accurate, interactive and informative. It is ruled by content in three dimensions-text, photo and video.


Арт-директор и дизайнер
Nick Yutkin
Александр Ермолаев
Веб-дизайнер и иллюстратор
Александр Литвинович
Главный программист
Евгений Головин
Front-end разработчик
Евгений Санжиев
Артём Алифанов