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Make your brand famous. We develop and deliver messages, images, smells and sounds. We act on different sensory channels, increase involvement and loyalty to the brand, product or service.

Media strategy

Time: 20—25 days

Communication of a strong brand is always planned. We develop media strategies in which each message, channel and media are in a single system and work for the set marketing goal.

Advertising campaign

Time: 10—20 days

We conduct marketing and advertising audit, define goals and objectives of the campaign, work out creative and integrate it into each channel. We organize local and regional actions. Set up campaigns online and offline. Analyze the effectiveness.

Printing design

Time: 5—10 days

We work in all styles of graphics, create raster and vector illustrations. We design advertising posters, booklets, brochures, flyers, table-awnings and other POSM. We come up with non-standard media and formats. We prepare for printing, work with printing houses.

Video production and motion design

Time: 10—25 days

We make high-quality video content for the Internet. We create animated infographics, presentations and video instructions. We write scripts and texts, make a storyboard, voice. We shoot and mount interviews, presentation and review videos.

Touch marketing

Time: 10—15 days

A strong brand affects all senses. We adjust the necessary perception of the brand through visual, auditory and tactile channels. We write Jingles and soundtracks (audio branding) and develop brand smells (aroma marketing).

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