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Name, slogan, logo, corporate identity, packaging — a system of interaction between the brand and the audience. The attitude of the audience to the brand depends on how well they are thought out, connected and worked out.

Brand name and slogan

Time: 20 days

A strong brand starts with a name. Sonorous, memorable, broadcasting the idea of the brand and free for registration.

— Brand name
— Communication, image or product slogan
— Domain name
— Verification and registration

Logo and corporate identity

Time: 15—25 days

Visual identity reveals the idea, fills with emotions and sets the aesthetic tone of the brand. We create a graphics system for packaging design, outdoor advertising, printing, communication materials and souvenirs to attract the audience to your brand.

— Logotype
— Corporate graphics
— Style elements
— Fonts and color palette
— Adaptation of style in life and space

Package design

Time: 15 days

Packaging — the face of your goods. We develop design concepts for packaging or labels, adapt design layouts for product groups and sizes. We prepare layouts for printing, do color proofs, accompany the launch.

Guide book

Time: 15 days

A guide for marketers and designers. The guidebook describes the system principles of using corporate identity, colors, typefaces and style-forming graphic elements.

Brand book

Time: 10 days

Brand book is a strategic document for the company’s management. It is created on the basis of research and brand platform. Describes its attributes and management ideology. Contains a portrait of the target audience, positioning and strategy.

Editorial policy

Time: 10 days

Principles and rules of writing text on behalf of the brand at all points of contact with the audience. The purpose of the red policy is to make communication of the brand pleasant, friendly and United. Guided by this document, copywriters, editors and brand managers create a recognizable brand voice.

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