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Strategy sets the vector of movement and development of the company. It is directly related to customer needs and competitive environment, so it affects the business. The result of the developed strategy is a guide to brand management.

Brand development

Time: 30—50 days

When you need a reliable assessment and minimization of the risk of bringing a new brand to the market, or changing the positioning of the product/service or go out to a new target audience. We work in the format of workshops, structure the information provided, develop all basic ideological constants of the brand.

Suitable for:
— Opening a company with big plans
— Launch of a new product or service
— Companies that have taken a new course
— Brands that have lost relevance
— Outsiders who want to become leaders


Time: 1—5 days

When you need to clarify the situation. If you have a few ideas, but you can not choose the best and do not know what to do next. When you need expert opinion and our tools to understand how to act.

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