Brand identity
Reté is a chain of stores selling high-quality and luxury furniture. There were a large number of high segment brands in the store's catalog.
Our aim was to rebrand the store, create a unique style and atmosphere as the client wanted to broaden its horizons and start producing more refined minimalist furniture and interior items. A brand platform and corporate identity were developed for the client’s needs and preferences. It was necessary to develop the naming and corporate identity of the company.
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Back to yourself
The corporate slogan is an extension of the brand idea. Home is the place where a person can be real, staying all alone.
The company sheet is needed for pencil sketches for different interior projects. The sheets are located inside the showroom so that customers and employees can quickly sketch the idea.
All the information about the product and its characteristics is located on a small branded tag for furniture. There is an additional tag of red color which indicates discounted products.
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